Israeli Occupation Punishes al-Hammouri by Transferring him from al-Naqab to Megiddo Prison

The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has moved administrative detainee and Addameer field researcher Salah Hammouri (33 years old) from al Naqab prison to Megiddo prison under the pretext that he has been engaged in incitement.

Salah had participated in an interview with a French journalist where he discussed visits from his lawyer, the process of administrative detention, and the techniques used by the IPS against administrative detainees. He was informed of his being transported on 28 December 2017.

Hammouri was initially arrested from his home in Kufar Aqab during the early hours of the morning of 23 August 2017. His arrest was in response to the issuing of a 6-month administrative detention order.

Hammouri has previously been held in Israeli prisons twice, with the first time amounting to around two years. Subsequently, in 2005, Salah was sentenced to seven years. He was released after six and a half years as a result of the ‘Shalit’ agreement in 2011. 

Following his release, he began studying law at al Quds University in Abu Dis. He had completed his degree, and passed the Palestinian Lawyers Union exam three days prior to his arrest.

.The Israel authorities have banned his wife and son from entering Palestine under the pretext of security