In its concluding observations, the Committee calls on the Israeli government to: “Take the measures necessary to end the practice of administrative detention and ensure that all persons who are currently held in administrative detention are afforded all basic legal safeguards.”
Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association is currently participating in the review of the occupying state at the 57th session of the Committee Against Torture (CAT), held at the United Nations in Geneva from 2 - 4 May 2016.
Occupation forces arrested Journalist and Human Rights Activist Hasan Safadi while he was crossing Al Karameh Bridge yesterday (01/05/2016) where he was detained at around 4.00 PM and then was transferred to Al Moskobiyyeh Interrogation Center.
A joint fact sheet by BADIL & ADDAMEER that sheds light on the policy of illegal transfer and deportation of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees.
PHROC Calls for an End to Collective Punishment by the Israeli Occupation and Investigation by the International Criminal Court. On this year’s Prisoners’ Day, Israel holds over 7000 Palestinian political prisoners, over 400 children, as well as 700 Palestinians in administrative detention.

G4S: Securing War Crimes


G4S is a British-Danish private security company that profits from the imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners and systems of Israeli occupation and apartheid. They maintain security equipment at checkpoints and in illegal Israeli settlements, and they employ private security personnel posted at checkpoints and to protect construction sites for the settlements and the Annexation Wall.

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