A joint fact sheet by BADIL & ADDAMEER that sheds light on the policy of illegal transfer and deportation of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees.
PHROC Calls for an End to Collective Punishment by the Israeli Occupation and Investigation by the International Criminal Court. On this year’s Prisoners’ Day, Israel holds over 7000 Palestinian political prisoners, over 400 children, as well as 700 Palestinians in administrative detention.
Addameer condemns the actions of the Palestinian Security Forces and considers them to be in contravention with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) as well as the Convention Against Torture (CAT).
This Quarterly Update covers the period from January to March 2016. It provides the most up-to-date statistics on prisoners and arrests and an overview of the most important issues.
The appeal was based on the fact that Abu Sakha is being held without charge and trial, which amounts to arbitrary detention

G4S: Securing War Crimes


G4S is a British-Danish private security company that profits from the imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners and systems of Israeli occupation and apartheid. They maintain security equipment at checkpoints and in illegal Israeli settlements, and they employ private security personnel posted at checkpoints and to protect construction sites for the settlements and the Annexation Wall.

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