Today, 1 July 2020, lawyer Salah Hamouri has a court session at the Israeli Court of First Instance in Jerusalem which extended the detention period for the purposes of interrogations at al-Mascobiyya interrogation center for another seven days. Addameer's lawyers filed an appeal against the extention of detention against Salah. Salah was arrested yesterday, 30 June 2020, from Shaikh Jarah in occupied Jerusalem. Salah is a lawyer and he is part of Addameer's lawyers team, this is his fourth arrest as he already spent several years in detention, some where based on sentences and others were based on the arbitrary administrative detention.
Yesterday, 22 June 2020, Addameer’s lawyer Samer Samaan was able to visit female prisoner Fadwa Hamadah who is placed in isolation along with female prisoner Jihan Hasimeh at al-Jalameh prison for over two weeks. Prisoner Fadwa informed the lawyer of the harsh detention conditions the two female prisoners are suffering from in isolation. The two prisoners were transferred to isolation after an issue occurred with the prison guards at Damon prison rooms where the two prisoners were. They were first transferred to an isolation cell at Damon prison, where they were kept on the floor with their hands cuffed to the back, causing extreme pain to their hands and fingers. Hours after they were kept...
In a hearing held on 2 July 2018, Military Court Judge Raphael Yemeni confirmed the renewal of Palestinian Legislative Council Member Khalida Jarrar’s administrative detention order. This will be the second time in which it has been renewed, meaning that Khalida has been held without charge or trial since 2 June 2017. Khalida nor her lawyer were present for the hearing, as she is part of the collective action to boycott all court hearings related to the process of administrative detention. According the Judge’s decision, there has been new secret information brought to his attention. This information apparently confirms that Khalida remains a threat to the security of the state. This...