Israa Ja'abees Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

Israa’ Ja’abees has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. The 31-year-old of Jabal Mukaber, currently held in HaSharon prison suffers from medical negligence and lack of sufficient treatment. She was arrested after her car broke down near Al-Zayem military checkpoint on 10 October 2015, where her airbag exploded causing a fire that led to her severe burns and injuries. Israa’ was with her 8-year-old child when the incident occurred and later she was transferred to Ein Karem Hospital, where she was given inadequate medical treatment despite suffering from severe injuries. Two months later, Israa’ was transferred to Al-Ramleh prison, then to HaSharon prison without completing her essential medical treatment. Israa continues to be subjected to severe medical neglect. Israeli prosecution accused Israa’ of attempting to engage in an attack by exploding her car, despite the fact that the car did not explode and Israa’ was the only person injured in the fire inside the car.