After the outbreak of the comprehensive Israeli aggression against Palestinians and the genocidal war after the seventh of October, an agreement was reached for a prisoner exchange between Palestinian political parties and the occupation by the end of November. The occupation authorities released 240 Palestinian male and female prisoners from various cities and provinces. However, in this instance as well, the Israeli authorities violated the terms of the latest deal by re-arresting 8 of the released prisoners, including one female and seven children. The re-arrested individuals are: Yousef f Al-Khatib from Jericho, Ahmad Al-Khashan from Jenin, Mohammad Tarabi from Nablus, Sultan Sarhan from Jerusalem, Obadah Hossam from Silwad, Mahran Hamidan from the village of Biddu, and Yehya Erhimi from the city of Ramallah, in addition to Asil Khader from Ramallah.

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