Palestinian child detainee has leg amputation after being hit by an Israeli jeep

16-year-old Palestinian detainee Sharif Khanfar is being held in Afula’s Ha'emek Hospital and has had a below-knee amputation, due to an injury sustained after being hit by an Israeli jeep near a flying checkpoint in Jenin on 3 January 2017. According to Addameer’s attorney legally representing the child, the 16-year-old was with three friends riding a Vespa motorcycle, when Israeli forces apprehended them for allegedly planning a ramming attack. Sharif and his family members are shocked by the incident which resulted in the loss of a leg, and deny the claims of the Israeli army that the boys intended to carry out an attack.

Sharif was arrested on the day of the incident and then transferred to Ha’emek Hospital, where he was visited by Addameer’s attorney yesterday (9 January 2017). Sharif’s next court hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, 12 January 2017 in Salem Military Court.