Mass arrest campaign targets Palestinian activists and a Legislative Council member

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16 January 2017

Israeli occupation forces arrest several Palestinian in a mass arrest campaign in Ramallah in the early hours of Monday, 16 January 2017. Among those arrested was a Palestinian Legislative Council member Ahmad Mubarak (55-year-old), who nearly spent 14 years in Israeli prisons. Occupation forced violently raided his house in Beitounia in Ramallah, causing destruction to property. Others who reportedly were arrested include: 1) 60-year-old Fallah Nada, 2) 50-year-old Mohammad Yousef Barghouthi, 3) 42-year-old Omar Nahed Barghouthi, 4) Shaja Darwish, 5) Walid Hodali, 6) 28-year-old Saeb Abu Salim.  

There are currently 7 Palestinian Legislative Council members held in Israeli prison and detention centers, three of whom are held under administrative detention, without charge or trial.