Israeli prosecution requested the Magistrate Court in Jerusalem to delay release order of Palestinian youth activist Daoud Ghoul, arrested on 5 December 2016. The prosecution submitted an appeal to further hold Mr. Ghoul in detention. The appeal hearing was held today, 6 December 2016, at the District Court in Jerusalem, where the judge decided to extend the detention period of Mr. Ghoul for four additional days, claiming there has been a new development in interrogation. The judge’s decision came without taking into consideration the defense lawyer’s argument that there was no detention order for Mr. Ghoul in the first place.  

Israeli Forces rearrested  Mr. Ghoul one week following his release. Occupation forces raided the house of Mr. Ghoul at 4:00 am and rearrested him after confiscating his personal belongings. Palestinian youth organizer, was released from the Israeli Gilboa prison on Sunday, 27 November after over 17 months of imprisonment.