Administrative Detainee Bilal Kayed Continues on Hunger Strike Despite Severe Pain and Suffering


Administrative detainee Bilal Kayed has informed Addameer's attorney Mahmoud Hasan in a visit today to Barzilali hospital that his doctors decided to set water intake during the day as well as salt intake (not more than one liter of water with a an amount of salt) due to his deteriorating health condition, particularly the temporary loss of sight. Administrative detainee Bilal Kayed has also underlined that he is continuing his open hunger strike, which is on day 43, and that he still refuses to undertake any medical examination, which makes it difficult to determine his current health condition. Mr. Kayed continues to be shackled with his right hand and his left foot to the bed, and the prison guards have refused to unshackle him even during the visit. Addameer's attorney additionally added that despite his physical exhaustion, Mr. Kayed is in high spirit. Mr. Kayed has vowed to continue his hunger strike until he is freed from his arbitrary detention.