Occupation forces kill Izadin Tamimi in morning raid

This morning at around 8am, occupation soldiers entered the village of Nabi Salah with the aim of arresting 21-year old  Izadin Tamimi. In what is becoming a common pattern, special forces initially entered the village, followed by a large number of jeeps and soldiers. The forces came to arrest Izadin based on his alleged involvement in stone throwing. The attempted arrested ended with Izadin being shot in the neck. It was confirmed by a local activist that no one from the family was allowed to get near him following his being shot. He was left without treatment for a period of around half an hour.

It was confirmed that Izadin died a short time after. He had been taken and placed in a military jeep, where he remained for a further quarter of an hour before being transported for medical attention.

Additionally, two individuals were arrested from the neighbouring village Beit Rima.

The extrajudicial killing of Izadin represents the occupation forces’ continued disregard for the right to life of the Palestinian population, as inscribed in Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Violations such as this have continued unabated since 1948, with no end or accountability in sight.

Since March 30, 119 Palestinians have been killed by the occupation.

The village of Nabi Saleh, and the Tamimi family, has been the target of numerous raids and arrests over the years. These have intensified since international attention became focused on the case of Ahed Tamimi, following her arrest in December 2017.

The raids and targeting of the village represents a concerted campaign by the occupation forces, with the aim of silencing and halting any form of resistance.

We at Addameer call on international supporters to raise their voices, as was done in relation to Netanyahu’s visit in Germany yesterday. It may not seem like much, but it must be known and asserted that the occupying power is not simply like any other state in the community of nations; but rather it is a consistent violator international law and norms.