In light of the comprehensive aggression that the Israeli occupation continues to wage against Palestinians, and the ongoing genocide in Gaza, which is taking place in full view of the world and with the support of international powers, we, as specialized organizations in monitoring the issues of prisoners and detainees, have received shocking scenes through video footage. This footage includes soldiers from the Israeli occupation army torturing a group of defenseless civilian Palestinians in conditions that strip them of their human dignity after being stripped of their clothes.

This video is part of a collection of other recorded clips, filmed by the occupation soldiers of Palestinians after their arrest in degrading conditions. The soldiers intentionally put the occupation flag on the detainees while they are blindfolded and bound.

The organizations affirm that, based on all the information and testimonies we have obtained from the detainees who were released shortly after their arrest during the past period, as well as the testimonies of their families, they reflect horrifying details of systematic and intensified crimes, which are continuously escalating, reaching the point of direct threats to open fire, in addition to the use of brutal beatings, field interrogations, threats of killing and rape, the use of police dogs, and using Palestinians as human shields. This also includes destruction in homes, assaults on the families of detainees before their arrest, excessive force during the arrest, and using the families of detainees as hostages.

The occupation perpetrates these crimes openly, with continued support from the international powers, without the slightest regard for the voices of the free world, and for all those who still believe in the international covenants and conventions that have enriched the world for decades.

Our message today to the free people of the world who still believe that it is the right of the Palestinian to struggle for his freedom and the freedom of his land, is for them to stand together in putting an end to these atrocities, which remind us of the chapters witnessed by the world in prisons like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.