This brief includes only those who got arrested from the West Bank, while detainees from Gaza are still being subjected to enforced disappearance

The total number of arrests stands at (8640) in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Women: the total number of female arrests stands at (290), including women arrested from the lands occupied in 1948, in addition to Gazan women who have been arrested in the West Bank. 

Children: the number of children arrests stands at (610). 

Journalists: (75) journalists have been arrested, (48) of them are still under arrest, (21) sentenced to administrative detention and (12) Gazan detainees are victims of enforced disappearance.

More than (5900) orders of administrative detention have been issued since October 7, ranging between new orders and renewals, including orders against children and women.

Detention campaigns carried out since October 7 are accompanied by escalated crimes and violations such as humiliation, brutal beatings, threats against detainees and their families, besides the vandalism and destruction of detainees’ houses, confiscating vehicles, gold and money, in addition to the destruction of infrastructure especially in the refugee camps of Tulkarem and Jenin.

Statistics include detainees who were arrested from their houses, on checkpoints, who surrendered themselves and those who were arrested as hostages.

Besides the detention campaigns, the Israeli forces implemented field executions, afflicting detainees and their family members.

(18) detainees martyred in Israeli prisons and military camps since the 7th of October: The identity of one Palestinian is yet to be disclosed, as the only available information indicates that he is a resident of Gaza. The remaining are: Thaier Abu Asab from Qalqilia, 38, detained in Al Naqab prison and passed away on 19 November 2023. Abdul Rahman Mar’ii, from Salfit, father of four, detained at Megiddo Prison and passed away on 14 November 2023. Omar Daraghmeh from Tubas, 58, detained at Megiddo Prison and died on 23 October 2023.  Arafat Hamdan from Ramallah, 25, died on 24 October 2023, just two days after being arrested and detained at Megiddo Prison. Majed Zaqool from Gaza, 32, detained at Ofar Prison, died on 6 November 2023. Abdul Rahman Al-Bahsh from Nablus, 23, passed away on 1 January 2024 while detained at Megiddo Prison. Ezz al-Din Ziyad Abdul-Banna, 40, a Palestinian from Gaza who was detained at Al-Ramlah Prison. Mohammad Ahmad Ratib Al-Sabar from Hebron, 21, who died on 8 February 2024 , while held at Ofer Prison. Khalid Musa Jamal al-Shawish from Tubas, 53, held in Nafha Prison and passed away on 21 February 2024. Asif Rifaii from Ramallah, 21, who was sick with cancer and held at Al-Ramlah prison, died on 29 February 2024. Ahmad Qadeh, 78, a Palestinian from Gaza who was held in an unknown military camp and passed away 1 March 2024. Jumaa Abu Ghneim, 26, a prisoner in Eshel prison and passed away on 16 March 2024. Muhammad Tareq Abu Sinnah from Jerusalem, 16, he was martyred at Hadassah Hospital, succumbing to the injuries he sustained on 11/2/2024, when he was arrested at the moment of his injury. Walid Daqqa that passed away due to medical negligence on the 7th of April 2024 in Ramleh prison. Abdul Rahman Amr from Qalqilya that passed away due to medical negligence on April 13, 2024. Dr. Adnan Barsh from Gaza. Ismail Khader from Gaza whose body was released back into Gaza alongside other living prisoners. 

It is said that the corpses of (18) detainees who were martyred after October 7 are still withheld, among (27) martyrs.
It is worth mentioning that the Israeli media revealed information that indicates the martyrdom of tens of detainees from Gaza in military camps, while the occupation authorities refused to reveal their identities. Moreover, they acknowledged the execution of many detainees.

Statistics on detention cases includes detainees who are still under arrest and liberated ones

Data does not include detention cases of Gaza, due to the occupation’s refusal to give any information and the continuation of practicing the crime of enforced disappearance against them. It is worth mentioning that the occupation forces arrested hundreds of Gazan workers in the West Bank, in addition to citizens from Gaza who were previously in the West Bank for medical treatment.

Detainees’ Institutions ( Commission of Detainees’ Affairs, Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club, Addameer Association for Human Rights )