Despite our warnings and other prisoner organizations about his health condition...

The prisoner Walid Daqqa passes away as a martyr in Israeli occupation hospitals, bearing witness to the ongoing crime of colonialism against Palestinian prisoners in the last colonial prisons in the world. Daqqa departs this world after serving a continuous sentence of over 38 years, during which guards changed multiple times and the cell doors rusted shut. In his departure, Daqqa leaves behind a clear image of the inhumane treatment practiced by the occupation, particularly towards Palestinian prisoners.

Daqqa departs without ceasing to spread the values of humanity and images of struggle even from within a cell that became more familiar to him than his own family did. His pen never ran dry as he wrote and taught the noblest meanings of humanity in places where humanity itself was fought and confined within the boxes of time—the prisons. Daqqa departs, leaving the world with the most beautiful and vivid images of struggle and humanity, embodied in his daughter Milad, who against all odds came into the world against the guard's will, despite the walls surrounding them from all sides.

Today, Daqqa departs, leaving behind a message he wrote in his thirty-sixth year inside the occupation's prisons, saying: "I will continue to love you all, for love is my humble and sole victory over my jailer."