The prisoner organizations (Commission of Detainees and Ex- Detainees Affairs, Palestinian Prisoners' Society, and ADDDAMEER for prisoner support and human rights association) stated that the lawyers working in the prisoner’s organizations face significant challenges in monitoring detainees. Since 7/10/2023, the occupation courts have initiated a series of restrictions on the work of lawyers in monitoring detainees, some of which involve the activation of military orders used in emergency situations, in addition to difficulties in obtaining information about new detainees.

Among the measures identified by the organizations through their lawyers:

Since the beginning of the aggression, Palestinian lawyers representing Palestinian detainees in military courts have been informed of the activation of Article (33) of Military Order No. (1651). This article stipulates the procedures for detention "in a military campaign against terrorism," allowing for the detention of a person for up to 8 days before being presented to the court, instead of 96 hours, and they are automatically prohibited from meeting their lawyer for two days.

There are difficulties in knowing the location of the detainee, and the lawyer needs 48 hours to find out where they are being held.

Additionally, the military courts (Ofer and Salem) have postponed all proceeding sessions.

Furthermore, all sessions are conducted through video conferencing, which in the past and today has contributed to difficulties in communication between the detainee and their lawyer, as well as a lack of information related to their case.

Regarding the follow-up on the case of administrative detainees:

The occupation continues, as before, to escalate by issuing more administrative detention orders.

All scheduled appeal sessions for administrative detainees have also been postponed.

All of this is in addition to the ban of lawyer visits to prisoners inside the prisons, and in detention and interrogation centers, placing prisoners in double isolation.