Administrative Detainee Huthaifa Halabiya Stops his Hunger Strike and Refuses the Israeli Intelligence’s Proposal

Today, 5 September 2019, Huthaifa Halabiya stops his hunger strike after (67) days. He stops his hunger strike after a serious deterioration in his health with a complete refusal to the proposal given by the Israeli intelligence department to extend his detention for another two months.

Huthaifa started his hunger strike on 1 July 2019, he only took water during this hunger strike and refused to undertake any medical tests during this period.  

In the last few weeks Huthaifa’s health deteriorated as he started having several spasm attacks and seizures. His sight and hearing got weakened and as a result of this he was transferred to a civil hospital in the middle of August where he was given some supplements. He then was taken back to al-Ramlah prison clinic where he continued his hunger strike. He was transferred again to a civil hospital on 3 September 2019 after he stopped drinking water and his medical condition required immediate intervention.

A medical committee met yesterday morning and decided to use forced medical treatment on Huthaifa in case he went into a comma to save his life. At the same day, 4 September 2019, the Israeli High Court looked into the appeal made by Huthaifa’s lawyer against his administrative detention order. During this appeal session the Israeli military prosecution and intelligence department were determined on their decision to renew Huthaifa’s administrative detention order for another two months ending on 7 December 2019. The ruling of the High Court has not been released unit now.  

Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association assures its support to Huthaifa’s decision to stop his strike. We hold the Israeli occupation authorities full responsibility over Huthaifa’s life and also any other side-effects he may suffer from as a result to his hunger strike. Administrative detention policy implemented by the occupation forces is in violation to all international laws and customs and it amounts to a war crime.